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Truman Heisel

There were tears, there were nose boops, there was steak, there was peanut butter whiskey. Continue reading

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Trader Chris Mai Tai

The latest excitement in our house has been the arrival of our countertop ice maker. Why are we excited about an ice maker? 🧊  Because it makes The Good Ice™ – those beautiful nuggets of ice that keep your drink … Continue reading

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Personal Kanban with Asana

I’ve found that Asana’s sections and subtasks feature makes it really convenient to set up a personal kanban system. Here’s what my tasks screen looks like: Later is the total backlog of stuff to do and it stays collapsed. I have … Continue reading

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TV of my life: A side trip down memory lane

Announcing a new crappier blog! Continue reading

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For Christmas, vintage photos

My gift to you for the holidays, a photo edit. Continue reading

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July 4th Burger

Or my right as an American to kill myself slowly with massive quantities of cow, tasty tasty cow. Continue reading

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Oooooh lemon-y

These were supposed to be a Valentine’s gift for [Erica]( but I didn’t have the required lemon oil at the time. When it arrived this week I was told that my IOU was being called in… and I’m glad it … Continue reading

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The Book Meme 2009

“In a 60-page directive, Reinhard Heydrich aimed at a thorough review of all security procedures, to sharpen awareness and root out complacency.” From Killing Hitler: The Plots, The Assassins, and the Dictator Who Cheated Death **The meme** * Grab the … Continue reading

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Back at work, Christmas is over

It’s bad enough that Christmas is over. It’s bad enough that I’m back at work. But does the [Christmas Countdown tree]( really have to rub it in?

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Holiday cookie day at work

Cookies are a great idea. So having a day when a bunch of folks at work bring in **lots** of cookies is the best idea. Ever. I made [these non-traditional gingerbread cookies]( Most recipes call for molasses and thus end … Continue reading

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