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The Heisel Test: Five questions for professional happiness

Five values to look for in job candidates and companies to lead to professional happiness.

1. Do you put customer value and experience first?
2. Do you move responsibly fast?
3. Are you genuinely curious and open to new information?
4. Do you empower your teams and teammates?
5. Do you respect and have empathy for people? Continue reading

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Personal Kanban with Asana

I’ve found that Asana’s sections and subtasks feature makes it really convenient to set up a personal kanban system. Here’s what my tasks screen looks like: Later is the total backlog of stuff to do and it stays collapsed. I have … Continue reading

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Agility in a nutshell: Look, try, learn, repeat; favor easy change

What to do: Find out where you are Take a small step towards your goal Adjust your understanding based on what you learned Repeat How to do it: When faced with two of more alternatives that deliver roughly the same … Continue reading

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Solving for the iron triangle with kanban and scrumban

Scope, quality, schedule — pick two. Hint: Quality is fixed. Continue reading

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A time to work, a time to slack

Why 100% utilization is an awful idea. Continue reading

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