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New look for

A rundown on my new “less is less” design and my use of the Balsamiq wireframe tool and the Blueprint CSS framework. Continue reading

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Django Template Development review

You wouldn’t know it by looking at this site, or the HTML behind it, but I actualy started off life as a Web designer for [my college paper]( So even though my [day job]( revolves around application development, caching strategies, … Continue reading

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Wii Fitness Coach: A missed conversion

Today, something totally unprecedented happened. I. Clicked. On. An. Ad. I was updating my weight and nutrition info in [Gyminee]( and I was served the relevant and targeted ad seen here: I’m on a fitness and weight loss site, and … Continue reading

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Let’s not forget about graceful degradation

Far be it from me to be a [nattering nabob of negativity](, but in all the Web 2.0 euphoria (I hate that name, BTW), let’s not forget about graceful degradation. Let’s examine the discussion between Web 2.0 and Web 1.0 … Continue reading

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Zeldman gets it right

Hauntingly beautiful and inspiringly correct, a must read for all Web professionals: [Understanding Web Design](

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Best sig on AIM today

“The user-generated content would create the site.” (via Laura)

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What’s wrong with saying “the midwest”?

It’s not as if the midwest contains America’s liver and large intestine…

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Checking out Odeo

Wherein I do a brief review of the new podcasting service Odeo. Continue reading

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Dreamhost has Rails, Fastcgi

Wherein I recount with glee that Dreamhost now supports Rails and FastCGI Continue reading

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If you haven’t [’d]( anything yet today, check out their new interface: It’s got a shiny coat of Javascript-powered tag usability added on!

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