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My first Django snippet: Another Memcache status view

Hooray! I posted by first Django snippet today. It’s a [status view for your memcache server(s)]( I had originally used [this snippet](, but the regex and socket thing never quite sat right with me. Turns out that django.core.cache has a … Continue reading

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Journalism job description tag clouds

A colleague of mine, (whom may or may not remember me from my [Dow Jones Online Internship](, [Eric Ulken]( built a tag cloud of [keywords in postings to]( Not surprisingly, “blogs”, “interactive”, “flash” and “graphics” top the list — … Continue reading

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AJC development group mentioned at APME

We’re in [film!]( Robin Henry, our Digital Managing Editor extraordinaire, spoke at a recent [Associated Press Managing Editors conference]( and screened this [Soundslides presentation]( that Emily Murphy and the [AJC](’s multimedia group put together. I look and sound like a … Continue reading

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One thing I absolutely love about Django’s template loading

Is the ability to specify a series of template folders in [your settings file]( Here’s what we do at [work]( TEMPLATE_DIRS = ( os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), “templates”), os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), “..”, “ANOTHERSITE”, “templates”)), ) It allows us to easily share templates from ANOTHERSITE with … Continue reading

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My duh moment – Django and it’s lack of strip filter

Had a total ‘duh’ moment today at work. I wanted to perform the equivalent of [Python’s string.strip method]( on some [Django template output]( I looked on the [Django documentation site]( but I couldn’t find a strip filter. It took me … Continue reading

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Talking Django at Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts

A quick heads-up to any Atlanta area Pythonistas and Djangoistas, I’ll be giving a brief talk at the the September [Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts meeting]( As of this morning their Web site didn’t list the meeting, but it’s Sept. 13 at … Continue reading

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