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Directory support in pywatch 0.4

The latest version of pywatch now watches whole directories. Continue reading

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Pywatch: Run tests when your code changes

I’m happy to announce that pywatch is ready for use, I think. Continue reading

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Announcing basecampreporting and django-baseboard

At [work](, we use [Basecamp](, a lot. We use it for design projects, development projects, and projects that have no design or development components whatsoever. Our project teams like Basecamp because of its focus on communication, but we’ve found that … Continue reading

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Adventures in unit testing the Basecamp API

I’m working on a little side project, that I might open source once the code is less rough, which involves using the [Basecamp API]( My package uses the [Python wrapper for the API]( and then does some naming convention magic … Continue reading

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Django testing tip: don’t test template output

When writing tests for [Django views](, especially for projects at [work](, I’ve almost completely abandoned any sort of detailed test for the template being rendered. My tests usually look something like this: def test_link_archive_should_show_published_links(self): “””Links in draft status shouldn’t appear … Continue reading

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Django Template Development review

You wouldn’t know it by looking at this site, or the HTML behind it, but I actualy started off life as a Web designer for [my college paper]( So even though my [day job]( revolves around application development, caching strategies, … Continue reading

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Django cache keys: making them safer

I posted some [my-snippet] over at [Django snippets] [django-snippets] the other day. This code evolved at [work] [ajc] over several months as we encountered a few caching challenges with [memcache] [memcache]. * The first problem was that occasionally some of … Continue reading

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Django developer wanted at

We’re looking for a great Django/Python developer to join our small team at [] [ajc]. Check out the job posting at [Django Gigs] [django-gig] or at [Craigslist] [craigslist]. Here are some of the benefits to working on our team: * … Continue reading

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New York Times releasing document viewer, missing the point

[E-media Tidbits]( is reporting that the [New York Times]( is [releasing an open-source document viewer]( To be fully buzzword compliant it’s both built in [Ruby on Rails]( and there’ll be [Amazon EC2 instances available]( (Actually the EC2 instance is kind … Continue reading

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Early Web 2.0 braindump

I thought I’d take advantage of the slow Wednesday afternoon to try and collalesce some thoughts from the first two days of the [Web 2.0 Conference]( * There are a lot of suit-types-with-PCs here (as opposed to geeks-with-macs). I’m guessing … Continue reading

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