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WP Super Cache and Mobile Press: two great tastes

[WP Super Cache]( just upgraded to [version 0.9]( and it finally works well with mobile-specific template plugins like [MobilePress]( Just download and enable both, then go to Settings -> WP Super Cache and check the “Mobile device support” checkbox.

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Adventures in unit testing the Basecamp API

I’m working on a little side project, that I might open source once the code is less rough, which involves using the [Basecamp API]( My package uses the [Python wrapper for the API]( and then does some naming convention magic … Continue reading

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Django testing tip: don’t test template output

When writing tests for [Django views](, especially for projects at [work](, I’ve almost completely abandoned any sort of detailed test for the template being rendered. My tests usually look something like this: def test_link_archive_should_show_published_links(self): “””Links in draft status shouldn’t appear … Continue reading

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Django Template Development review

You wouldn’t know it by looking at this site, or the HTML behind it, but I actualy started off life as a Web designer for [my college paper]( So even though my [day job]( revolves around application development, caching strategies, … Continue reading

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Wii Fitness Coach: A missed conversion

Today, something totally unprecedented happened. I. Clicked. On. An. Ad. I was updating my weight and nutrition info in [Gyminee]( and I was served the relevant and targeted ad seen here: I’m on a fitness and weight loss site, and … Continue reading

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Now I remember why I shop online, but still go to the mall

[Erica]( and I went out for yearly Christmas shopping trip at [the mall]( I’m not a huge fan of shopping in general, being a cheap bast^h^h^h^h^H tightwad. But even I am not above spreading holiday cheer, in fact I enjoy … Continue reading

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What does CPM stand for?

CPM is a fairly standard unit of measure in the online advertising business. It stands for **Cost per thousand** (the M is the Roman numeral for 1,000). What it’s measuring is the **cost per thousand [ad impressions] [ad-impression]**. Take []( … Continue reading

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What is an ad impression

I’ve blogged previously about [various] [page-view] [Web] [visitor] [analytics] [visit] [terms] [pages-per-visit]. Almost all of those would be described as **audience** terms — they describe how people are viewing your site. Let’s take a stab at some **revenue** terms, starting … Continue reading

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Feed flood: under control in NetNewsWire

I’m a huge RSS addict. If something isn’t available as RSS, then I’m likely not reading it, certainly not when I sit down with [The Sunday Internet] [sunday-internet]. But my time to sit down with [NetNewsWire] [nnw] is limited during … Continue reading

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Django cache keys: making them safer

I posted some [my-snippet] over at [Django snippets] [django-snippets] the other day. This code evolved at [work] [ajc] over several months as we encountered a few caching challenges with [memcache] [memcache]. * The first problem was that occasionally some of … Continue reading

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