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Python developer, Agile practitioner trying desperately not to be a pointy haired boss.

Truman Heisel

There were tears, there were nose boops, there was steak, there was peanut butter whiskey. Continue reading

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LEM rotation instead of transposition, docking and extraction?

If you can get past the “one weird trick” algorithm, YouTube has a decent collection of historical aerospace films. In my Apollo collection is this gem of a video that I’d love to get more details on. It shows an … Continue reading

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Why America can’t build quickly anymore

It is well and good to have the government handle large externalities, or quantifiable ones. I should pay for the wear and tear my car puts on the road. I should pay for the carbon impact of my emissions. But … Continue reading

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Umpires, not kings

“Winners will always seek to entrench themselves, buying up competitors or starving them of resources and seizing control of political power and forums for speech and debate.” “It’s long past time to replace the idolatry of innovators with a reinvigorated … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of a 1:1

The Anatomy of a 1:1 by Cate over at Accidentally in Code is a fantastic breakdown of how one manager structures their one-on-one meetings. I love the structured thinking, especially the development conversation flow. Continue reading

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The Next Generation: The Animated Series

What if Filmation had made episodes of The Next Generation? Continue reading

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Google Sheets: Add a date when the row was last updated

You have a Google Sheet, you’d like a (or all) row(s) to have a date-stamp added whenever an edit is made. That way others you’re collaborating with will know when the row, or the sheet itself, was last updated at … Continue reading

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Platform Product Management in 2021 (Product School Talk)

Platforms build value through shared data and experiences, that’s also what makes them tough to build well.

Two of the many things that set platform product management apart are how you approach customers and interfaces. Continue reading

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Trader Chris Mai Tai

The latest excitement in our house has been the arrival of our countertop ice maker. Why are we excited about an ice maker? 🧊  Because it makes The Good Ice™ – those beautiful nuggets of ice that keep your drink … Continue reading

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Learn how to use linking abilities to make planning your day and week easier! Continue reading

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