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Google Sheets: Add a date when the row was last updated

You have a Google Sheet, you’d like a (or all) row(s) to have a date-stamp added whenever an edit is made. That way others you’re collaborating with will know when the row, or the sheet itself, was last updated at … Continue reading

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Platform Product Management in 2021 (Product School Talk)

Platforms build value through shared data and experiences, that’s also what makes them tough to build well.

Two of the many things that set platform product management apart are how you approach customers and interfaces. Continue reading

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Trader Chris Mai Tai

The latest excitement in our house has been the arrival of our countertop ice maker. Why are we excited about an ice maker? 🧊  Because it makes The Good Ice™ – those beautiful nuggets of ice that keep your drink … Continue reading

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Learn how to use linking abilities to make planning your day and week easier! Continue reading

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Avoid productivity cookies, schedule time for todos

For me, a successful day doesn’t end once I’ve gotten my priorities straightened out and emoji-fied in The next step is to schedule time on my calendar for any todo that needs more than 5 minutes. I make an … Continue reading

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Eisenhower and emoji: How I use to get focus

You know that anxiety you get when there’s something you need to do and you’re trying to keep it in your head? You write it down on your todo list and problem solved! Lather, rinse repeat over the course of … Continue reading

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The Heisel Test: Five questions for professional happiness

Five values to look for in job candidates and companies to lead to professional happiness.

1. Do you put customer value and experience first?
2. Do you move responsibly fast?
3. Are you genuinely curious and open to new information?
4. Do you empower your teams and teammates?
5. Do you respect and have empathy for people? Continue reading

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Take notes in your 1:1 and share them

The most important meetings I have every week are on my one-on-ones with my engineering managers and the engineers on their teams. The agenda is the same every week – at least 15 minutes to talk about whatever they want … Continue reading

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Docker standards at Kabbage

I also posted this over at our Kabbage Tech Blog In the five months my team’s been using Docker we’ve stolen adopted some standards to make our lives easier. 1. Build your own critical base images Our application images have … Continue reading

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Docker orchestration with maestro-ng at Kabbage

I also posted this over at our Kabbage Tech Blog At Kabbage, my team loves using Docker! We get a ton of parity between our development, testing and production environments. We package up our code, configuration and system dependencies into a … Continue reading

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