Eisenhower-matrix made easy

As you may know, I love, the Eisenhower matrix, and booking time on my calendar for key tasks.

With the 3.4 release, gained the ability to craft links directly to tags and items

This made my daily and weekly planning process so much faster, I have a note in Bear that I call up each day and run through the links step-by-step.

My daily planning routine

  1. Review work in progress (things:///search?query=%E2%8F%B3)
  2. Review fires (urgent + important) (things:///search?query=%F0%9F%94%A5)
  3. Review goal items for the week (things://///search?query=%F0%9F%A5%85)
  4. Look at what you’ve selected for tomorrow (things:///show?id=upcoming&filter=tomorrow)
  5. Put time for them on your calendar

My weekly planning routine

  1. Clear all goal items for the week (things:///search?query=%F0%9F%A5%85)
  2. Review work in progress (things:///search?query=%E2%8F%B3)
  3. Review each project, tag items you want to consider for the week with 🥅 (Ctrl-G)
  4. Review goal items for the next week (things:///search?query=%F0%9F%A5%85)
  5. Tag next week’s items:
    1. Important/Urgent: 🔥 (Ctrl-U)
    2. Important: ⚡️ (Ctrl-I)
    3. Not Important / Urgent: ⚾️ (Ctrl-R)
  6. Schedule time on calendar for the big ones


About Chris

Python developer, Agile practitioner trying desperately not to be a pointy haired boss.
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