For Christmas, vintage photos

Every year I like to decorate my computer for the holidays.

In years past it took the form of [holiday-themed applications and dashboard widgets](

But this year I’ve got a [minimal mac]( thing going on. So I thought I’d “decorate” with some vintage holiday photos.

I ran across [Shorpy]( which has a wealth of vintage photos and thought I’d share my selects with you as a gift for the holidays:

* [Winter Palace: 1933]( — Great composition, and New York, especially, old New York, feels Christmassy.

* [Sixth Avenue Shopppers: 1903]( — Mall schmall, these people shopped with horses!

* [Broadway Santa: 1902]( — A reminder that this is a time for giving. Also, Cubanola cigars and hats apparently.

* [Wide Christmas: 1920]( — No matter how much you decorated your tree, these folks have you beat. Beat.

* [Blade Runners: 1919]( — Great contrast with the white ice, and the blurry skater in the foreground adds a hint of abstractness.

* [Kay Jewlers: 1919]( — Jane Seymour and her open heart surger^H^H^H^H jewelry are nowhere to be found.

* [Best Christmas Ever: 1922]( — That kid made out like a bandit, no matter what year it is.

* [Five and Ten: 1921]( — “Take a look in the five-and-ten, glistening once again”

* [Winter Wonderland: 1908]( — Tell me you don’t want to hop on one of those streetcars with a parcel wrapped up in brown paper. Go on, tell me!

* [Iowa City in the Snow: 1940]( Possibly my favorite. It’s straight out of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

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