Directory support in pywatch 0.4

The latest release of [pywatch][pywatch-git] now naively supports watching a directory of files.

Previously, if you wanted to watch more than one file you had to list them one by one or use bash glob expansion ala:

pywatch file3.txt
pywatch ./src/*.py

But you can now pass a directory in and all files and folders will be watched:

pywatch ./bin/test ./src/pywatch

**Note:** It won’t notice new or deleted files, but I’ll hack on that next if anyone has a pressing need for it.

Pywatch grew out of a desire to have something similar to [ZenTest’s autotest][zentest], but it’ll run any command you like whenever a file changes.

I use it almost exclusively to run tests every time I save changes to projects I’m coding at work and on personal projects.

It’s available at [GitHub][pywatch-git] and [PyPI][pywatch-pypi]


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