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This Web site was looking old, [seriously old]( So I finally sat down and redesigned for the first time since [college](

I started off by doing some wireframes in [Balsamiq]( It was nice enough, but I feel like it’s targeted more at desktop or mobile application developers than at Web designers. Still, it fit my bill:

* It was relatively cheap
* It ran on Linux and OSX (it’s an Adobe AIR application)
* It output is easily versionable text-based files (in this case XML)

I set up a [repository on GitHub](, but because I’m obstinate I used [hg-git]( to actually check out and modify my repo.

After the wireframes I rolled some HTML mockups by hand and got to know [Blueprint CSS]( very well. In my case I only ended up writing [70 lines]( of my own CSS.

The last step was setting up a clone of my WordPress instance and developing the actual theme, which ended up taking most of my time. The WordPress [theme development docs]( are not terribly concise or easy to navigate, but then I’m spoiled by [Django’s documentation](

Side note: After spending the last three or four years developing in Python, Django and occasionaly Ruby I was surprised to find that I still remembered most of PHP’s syntax. I’d like those brain cells back, please.

About the design itself — the goal was minimal, as bloody well minimal as I could make it.

So minimal is what we’ve got. One, count it, one column – [in this economy]( who can afford two? I originally had elaborate plans to aggregate activity from the other sites I live at on the Web, but that’s why Sir Lee gave us <a href>. So we’ve got a sparse home page that shows you the latest post, Tweet and bookmarks, plus some links.

Hope you enjoy it — I’m glad to be rid of the [crazy dashed box and the floating ghostly Spirit of St. Louis](

About Chris

Python developer, Agile practitioner trying desperately not to be a pointy haired boss.
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