Wii Fitness Coach: A missed conversion

Today, something totally unprecedented happened.

I. Clicked. On. An. Ad.

I was updating my weight and nutrition info in [Gyminee](http://gyminee.com) and I was served the relevant and targeted ad seen here:

Wii Fitness Coach Ad

I’m on a fitness and weight loss site, and I had just gotten a Wii Fitness balance board for Christmas, so I clicked on the ad because I wanted more information about the product.

And where did I land upon clicking that ad. What sort of well crafted, targeted landing page did I arrive at? Let me offer up people’s exhibit number 2 below:

Landing page for Wii Fitness Coach ad

That’s right, a generic “Here are some games from Ubisoft, possibly the one you’re interested in, possibly not” page. And to answer your question, the My Fitness Coach product did not appear on the page.

Whomever setup that campaign for My Fitness Coach might want to rethink the destination page for their ad.

It should probably include information about, you know, the product?

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