Holiday cookie day at work

Cookies are a great idea. So having a day when a bunch of folks at work bring in **lots** of cookies is the best idea. Ever.

Cookies from my friends at the AJC

I made [these non-traditional gingerbread cookies](

"My" gingerbread cookie

Most recipes call for molasses and thus end up like tasting like a peat bog, thus requiring you to put icing on them. I don’t like bogs, and I’m not patient or dexterous enough to ice cookies so this recipe appealed to me.

It’s got all your traditional gingerbread spices, but it’s got hell-a citrus in it, which adds this really nice bright note to the cookie.

If I could think of way not to roll them out and cut them, I’d be in heaven. (Laziest. Baker. Ever.)

The “cookie day” went so well, we’re discussing making this a monthly affair.

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