Now I remember why I shop online, but still go to the mall

[Erica]( and I went out for yearly Christmas shopping trip at [the mall](

I’m not a huge fan of shopping in general, being a cheap bast^h^h^h^h^H tightwad. But even I am not above spreading holiday cheer, in fact I enjoy just about every aspect of the holidays. From [the decorations]( to [the music]( to [the food]( and of course the family.

I just do not like the shopping. At. All.

Like a good geek family, Erica and I do almost all of our shopping online — since we have to fly home to see family it makes Amazon Prime even more of [teh awesome](

But every year we make a sojourn to see [the Pink Pig](, [the red cups](, and [the food](, and a little bit of shopping.

For finding and purchasing a product, the Internets win hands down. But this trip is always more of social occasion.

Plus, I never would’ve found a notebook in which you should write all your Internet passwords. Because I, under no circumstances, would ever have searched for a product like that.

But if you own one, please [drop me a line](/contact/) as I’d like to sell you a [bridge](

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