Django developer wanted at

We’re looking for a great Django/Python developer to join our small team at [] [ajc].

Check out the job posting at [Django Gigs] [django-gig] or at [Craigslist] [craigslist].

Here are some of the benefits to working on our team:

* We’re a small team — but full of great people like [Maura] [maura] and [Zellyn] [zellyn]

* Our projects are highly visible — if you’ve spent more than a minute on [] [ajc], then I guarantee you’ve seen one of our applications or utilities at work.

* The variety of projects — Range from content [publishing tools] [galleries] for staff and users, to [data interactives] [executive-pay], to [user generated content] [vent], to behind the scenes tools that enhance the site.

* Telecommuting — As much as we all love working together and getting a group vibe going, we also spit off during the week to get distraction free and in the zone.

* Take the train to work — When we’re not telecommuting, we work in an office that’s easy to get to on MARTA

* We get paid to work on and in Django and Python — That’s still pretty damn cool.

If you’re interested hit me up at: **cheisel** at **ajc** dot com.


About Chris

Python developer, Agile practitioner trying desperately not to be a pointy haired boss.
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1 Response to Django developer wanted at

  1. alfredo says:

    this sounds an even more interesting description…

    talk to you on Wednesday!

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