WordPress for iPhone: Thumbs up

Early verdict on the [WordPress for iPhone application](http://iphone.wordpress.org/): it’s pretty nice!

I used it to draft my post [about page views](http://heisel.org/blog/2008/11/13/what-is-a-page-view/) while I was riding on the [subway](http://itsmarta.com/) home.

**What’s good**

* **Offline** — How cool is it to be writing a blog post on my iPhone, in the [subway](http://itsmarta.com) when I’m without cell coverage? Pretty damn [cool](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_Sunday), that’s how!
* **Multiple blog support** — I’ve only got [this blog right here](http://heisel.org) but I imagine this would be pretty handy if I did post to multiple blogs.
* **Photo support** — You can post from your iPhone’s camera directly or pick your existing library of photos on the phone.
* **Editing** — It’s not like firing an e-mail off, you can edit the post from your phone. You can also edit the 10 most recent posts, be they draft or published. It’s got support for tagging, categories

**What’s not so good**

* **Editing** — It’d be nice if I could configure the number of posts that appear in the application. If you’re a frequent poster or if it’s a group blog, 10 posts might not be enough for you.
* **Linking** — Unless you’ve got a URL you can memorize and then type out, it’s difficult to link out from your post. Since copy and paste on the iPhone exists [only in fan-made mockups](http://www.vimeo.com/266383) I can’t blame the WordPress folks, but it is worth noting.

All in all, it’s a great application. If you’re a blogger (at a news organization or not) with an iPhone it’d be great for mobile reporting and filing of both text and stories.

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Python developer, Agile practitioner trying desperately not to be a pointy haired boss.
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