Bablyon 5: Concept and Execution

[Erica]( and I have been watching [Bablyon 5]( on [Netflix]( of late.

We just put the last envelope back in the mail, and I have to say: great concept and story, mediocre (or worse) execution.

I’m a relatively huge sci-fi geek (and I like programming, computers and gaming — here at Heisel’s Stereotypes ‘R’ Us we aim to please). I’ve tried to get better, as I’ve watched and read more sci-fi, at seperating the cerebral and the corporeal elements of the piece.

Bablyon 5 creates such a wonderfully rich and vibrant universe, replete with hard sci-fi concepts and just a touch of wonder. But man, the writing and the acting (which probably isn’t helped by the writing) are just not there.

I’d love to see some other folks take a stab with [JMS](’s universe and characters.

If you’re a Bablyon 5 five, I don’t mean to sound like a [hater]( I know what letting insane people [romp around in your universe can do](

But I also have seen it done well.

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