The Sunday Internet

Kottke and 43 Folders both have some great suggestions for organizing and reading RSS feeds.

My system is much less thought out and not well optimized.

  • Media — Official news outlets and frequently posted-to blogs: NYTimes, Mashable, Good Morning Silicon Valley and the like
  • Aggregatorshumor, python, django, and wii from and Hacker News and proggit
  • Blogging — This used to be blogs about blogging, but as those have diminished it’s become my catch all for anything that doesn’t fall into the following categories
  • Design — This has, sadly, been whittled down as my design work/brain has atrophied
  • Mac — Home of Daring
  • Python — import these
  • Technology — Anything about the Web that isn’t Python
  • ComicsPvP and xkcd of course

My strategy is to try and scan every folder (except comics), every day. This frequently fails and I’m lucky if I get through Media and Aggregators at work.

Increasingly, I’ve found myself sitting down with the “Sunday Internet” if you will — all those juicy unread items waiting for me to read them, delicious them, and occasionally (though more frequently this month) blog about them.

The Sunday Internet is frequently enjoyed at my breakfast bar with a Diet Coke and it eats up a chunk of my morning.

Should I pare down my feed list, yes. Should I make more time at work to catch up on the feeds, for sure. But part of me enjoys the idea that I’ve entirely replaced the Sunday morning magazine, newspaper, TV show, insert media of choice here with the Sunday Internet.

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Python developer, Agile practitioner trying desperately not to be a pointy haired boss.
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