Single serving sites: Now unhip

[Single]( [serving]( [sites]( — thanks [Kottke]( for [the name]( — are all the rage.

But now, they must be considered un-hip, for I [have one](

From now until I decide to stop doing it []( will display the name of the site I’d like next to embrace [OpenID](

When the site I’ve chosen to direct my lack-of-OpenID scorn at succumbs to my single-serving petition I shall place a new name atop the list.

On a lark, if you’d like to nominate the next site, put it on []( with a tag of [iwantopenid](

A **warning** to any site who considers providing [OpenID]( **without consuming it as well** — there will be a special bit of shaming for you. Friends don’t let friends provide [OpenID]( without consuming it.

About Chris

Python developer, Agile practitioner trying desperately not to be a pointy haired boss.
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