missing the boat on RSS

So [Yelp]( is uh, totally missing the boat on RSS.

They’ve got a [a page listing their meager RSS offerings](

I’m not sure why they’re rolling feeds out city by city, in most systems if you’ve built in the ability to serve RSS feeds it shouldn’t need extra effort to apply that to a different set of data.

For the cities where they do have feeds, it’s rather disappointing:

Picture 1.png

You can’t get a feed of just restaurants, or just stores.

I’m not sure why they haven’t allowed users to create an RSS feed from any arbitrary search within their system. That’d allow folks to limit by content type, neighborhoods, cuisines, etc.

In this day and age it strikes me as odd that such a (shudder)Web 2.0-ish(/shudder) company would not adopt RSS thoroughly.

(I know it’s like the [pot]( calling the [kettle]( black, but I’d argue that we’ve really expanded our [RSS offerings at work]( and we’re trying to get better. But, hey, who would call a newspaper a (shudder)Web 2.0(/shudder) company?)

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