WordPre.cio.us compatible with WordPress 2.01

[Real life](http://www.ajc.com) has prevented me from playing with the [WordPress 2.01](http://www.wordpress.org) upgrade until recently.

I’m proud to report that [WordPre.cio.us 1.0](/projects/) works with WP 2.01 just fine.

I am working on an upgrade that’ll bundle it as a WP plugin, for folks who like that sort of thing, and I might even try out [SimplePie’s RSS parsing](http://www.simplepie.org/), but who knows.

About Chris

Python developer, Agile practitioner trying desperately not to be a pointy haired boss.
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1 Response to WordPre.cio.us compatible with WordPress 2.01

  1. John Engler says:

    your link to SimplePie’s RSS is bad.

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