Paper paid to print only good news

Did I miss a day of [journalism school](

Because I don’t remember when Don Ranly said it was OK to [be paid by a city’s council to print only good news](

If I were the [Star-Ledger](, the local daily, I’d start up a marketing campaign pronto. I don’t think it’s worth attacking this joke of a weekly, but a campaign along the lines of “Good news. Bad news. And everything in between.” might be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s bad enough that we’ve got [propaganda at the national level](, but to see this blatant pay-off at the local level is disturbing.

If the Newark Weekly News is publicly admitting to taking money for publishing good news, then how many other papers are doing the same thing, only we haven’t heard about it.

Local bloggers, start your engines!

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2 Responses to Paper paid to print only good news

  1. John Engler says:

    Now that’s total crap. I can’t believe that this is happening in NJ, and I hope it never happens in Texas…

    I could see it working, if it were a full page of stories that were all ganged together and had a disclaimer that said “Advertising” at the top and bottom of it, with a block of text that said something like “These stories were all suggested and paid for by the mayor’s office and the city council” but, to run those stories as news? That’s preposterous.

    Thanks for pointing Chris.

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