Georgia’s govenor is a moron

It’s official, [our govenor is a moron](

As gas prices climb, and another hurricane threatens off-shore oil rigs, what does the illustrious government of the state of Georgia do?

It shuts down its schools for two days so that school busses, faculty and staff won’t be on the road.


Why, of all things, would you want to shut down schools!

You know, the places where we educate our young, so that they can become successfull members of society. In a state where [our SAT scores are dead last](, don’t you think we need **more** schooling, not less?

Can someone tell me what percentage of traffic in the state is made up of school busses. Because I’m going to guess, that the **vast majority** of cars gas-guzzling SUVs on the streets and highways are folks commuting to their jobs?

Maybe we should have the state government telecommute on Monday and Friday, and encourage businesses to have their employees do the same?

Or the state could offer a one-time tax break to any individual that takes public transportation to work next week rather than drive.

There are a million different things we could be doing to save gas, but am I the only one who thinks that **shutting down schools** is not the answer?

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