Dreamhost has Rails, Fastcgi


[Dreamhost](http://www.dreamhost.com/rewards.cgi?cmheisel “Referral link”) now [supports](http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Ruby_on_Rails) [Rails](http://www.rubyonrails.com/) and [FastCGI](http://www.fastcgi.com/).

Now, other than this blog, I’m normally a [TextDrive](http://textdrive.com/) kind of person, but [Erica’s](http://www.ericaendicott.com) [school](http://www.aischool.org) signed a contract with [Dreamhost](http://www.dreamhost.com).

I probably should have advised them to sign up with [TextDrive](http://textdrive.com/), but at the time I hadn’t used them that long and [Dreamhost](http://www.dreamhost.com) was a known quantity that I’d feel safe in recommending.

Plus, at the time, [the school](http://www.aischool.org) was just looking for cheap hosting for their mostly static with a wee bit o’ [PHP](http://www.php.net) site — which [Dreamhost](http://www.dreamhost.com) is fine for.

But subsequently, they’ve been looking to do more and more and more with their Web site, and in hindsight, I’ve been wishing that I’d sent them to [TextDrive](http://textdrive.com/) because of their great support for developer-friendly technologies.

But now that [Dreamhost has Rails](http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Ruby_on_Rails), I can help them build some great apps (in my spare time, ha ha), until they can make a move to [TextDrive](http://textdrive.com/).

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