Come back Roy

[Roy]( our [iMac G5](, is dead.


Apparently this has [been happening to others](, as the part I need is back ordered until June 16.

The power supply used to be [user servicable]( imac g5 power supply&hl=en&client=firefox-a) but that is no longer true, so I have to wait for the part, and wait for a tech to make the repair.

Thankfully [Roy]( is less than a year old, so we’re getting the at-home repair service, which is sweet. But I’d rather not need any repairs — at home or otherwise.

Since you can no longer see anything on poor [Macsimus](, our very old G3 iBook, due to either the inverter or the backlight, [Erica]( and I are Mac-less.

I’ve tried working in [Cygwin]( on my PC, but it’s not the same as productive and fun.

I’ve tried working on my [Debian]( server, but since its headless I have to do it through my PC anyway.

I’m taking this way too hard…

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