What to say about CSS?

At work, I’m getting to teach a basic CSS course for our producers.

I had a blast teaching advanced copy editing/basic newspaper design when I was in [grad school](http://www.journalism.missouri.edu/), so the chance to teach again is great!

The trouble I’m having is how to boil CSS/structural XHTML down to a 3-hour course. The target audience is our producers, who in addition to focusing on content, also tend to do a fair amount of design.

I’m starting off with the quick points of how to write valid HTML, then how to write it structurally, the question is how deep should I go into CSS. Once could quickly get mired down in cross-browser insanity, box-model hacks, etc.

Right now my plan is teach them text styling first, and then follow it up transitional layout skills (using minimal tables to control layout).

Has anyone else out there run up against a similar problem? Any suggestions?

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