Need help fixing

This is a call to all those brave [](/projects/) beta testers.

I’m having trouble finding the breakdown with regards to the date of the entries. In theory, it’s going to be posted at the date/time that your blogmark itself has in []( For many users, this seems to be the case, but some are seeing problems where the date is off in their [WordPress]( blog.

So can anyone with the problem please send me an e-mail to **del2wp** at **heisel** dot **org** with the following information:

1. A link to a page on your Web host that has the output of your [php_info()]( function.

2. The RSS URL you’re using in your [](/projects/) installation. (The $rss_url in the config section.)

3. The times that your last few blogmarks **should be** posted at, and the time they **were** posted at. Be sure to include the **title** of the blogmark along with those times so I can correlate them.

I’m also releasing some sample template code and CSS to achieve the presentation that I’ve got here on [](/), you can find it on the [projects page](/projects/). The template code assumes that you’re filing your posts under a category called ‘Blogmarks’, if not then you’ll need to hack the code accordingly…

**Update:** If you’d like to keep up with work on then subscribe to it’s [RSS feed](

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