(Word)Pressed into service

[heisel.org](http://www.heisel.org) is now powered by [WordPress 1.5](http://wordpress.org/download/).

I had the site up and running under various nightly builds for a while now, and it was mostly pre-occupied-idness that delayed me from making the switch.

I love the new [WordPress theme capability](http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes). I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made the switch if they stuck with the everything-in-one-index-php-file approach from 1.2.

I also love the [pages system](http://codex.wordpress.org/Pages) they built. It addresses a need that just about everybody has, and it makes managing these pages much easier than the bunch-of-index-templates or seperate blog workaround in [Movable Type](http://www.movabletype.org/).

I’m also a big fan of the [Staticize Reloaded plugin](http://photomatt.net/2004/07/26/staticize-25/) that gives you alot of the stability of MT’s static pages, but most of the dynamic funness that WP offers.

I wish the interface was a little more vertically-oriented, though. Maybe it’s something intrinsic about the Web or Web applications. Maybe I’m just used to [Movable Type](http://www.movabletype.org/), but I find the predominantly horizontal sections of the [WordPress](http://www.wordpress.org) interface jarring.

I also wish that it didn’t have so many bloomin’ wp-*.php files litered all over the root directory. Maybe I’m anal, but I like clean directory structures. I set up my installation in a seperate folder, but that means I have to manually edit my .htaccess anytime I add a new page. But since I haven’t done that in a looooong time, I figure I’m OK there.

My blogmarks now appear throughout the site, as opposed to just on the index. That’s accomplished by my [del.icio.us](http://del.icio.us/) importer — that yanks bookmarks from [del.icio.us](http://del.icio.us/) into WordPress. I’ll write more about it and release the code soon, it could probably use some clean up.

Anyway, if things are broken, please [contact me](/contact) or post a comment.

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