The ‘new business’ paradigm

I don’t think that the vast complex web that is the Internet can really be boiled down into a PowerPoint-able bullet point. But for those media executives who need such a thing:

* On the Internet, it’s about users first, not money

That’s a paraphrase from [this E-media Tidbits item about Craigslist](

In short, Craigslist only starts charging for its listings when the volume of crap listings gets so high, that a charging a *small* fee makes the listings **more usable.**

Remember, users can leave your site in an instant. How long does it take to hit Apple-W?

On the Web, content is king. The corollary being that content plus a great interface is emperor.

Give the users the content they want, and the interface they need, and you’ll stand a much better chance of “monetizing”, “enterprising” or otherwise making money off your site.

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