Apple’s post-purchase branding

This is only the second time I’ve bought something from [Apple](, and the first time I’ve bought something from them online. And I must say, they need to work on their post-purchase branding.

I’m not a marketer, so that might not be the right term. I’m talking about the interval between when I plunk down my credit card, and when the thing arrives at my door.

We know that Apple’s packaging and product design is [lick-a-licious](

And if you have a problem after you’ve gotten your new product, and happen to live near an Apple Store, you can [avail yourself of the Geniuses](

But in that expectant time after I’ve paid my hard-earned cash, and I’m waiting for this great package to show up after my door, Apple’s got some problems.

First off, let’s talk graphic design. What’s this… Times New Roman? Large and ugly… how’d that sneak into the Apple visual identity?


Then take the e-mail communication I got from Apple. I got the standard, text-based, invoice of what product I ordered including the various build-to-order options, price, order number, etc. No problems there. But how about a follow-up note with a little pizzaz?

Maybe check your customer database and see if I’m a new Mac buyer… if so send me something about joining the Mac community, and wonderful life that’ll be spyware-free. Or if I’m a returning customer, why not reinforce my interest and commitment to the brand?

Once my iMac finally shipped, I got a similar text-based invoice, order number, expected delivery date, note.

No problems with that, but again why not follow up and have Apple’s servers tie in with the package tracking system and send me a note whenever it’s status changes. Something like “4 days till the computer of your dreams arrives.” (I’m not a marketer, don’t ask me to write ad copy 🙂 ).

The point is, Apple does a great job building excitement around its products. Once you’ve purchased one, they should help reinforce that excitement in the customer.

Make each user think that when their FedEx box arrives, it’s a moment as memorable as when [Steve lifted the bag off the first Mac.](

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