Mac mini a gateway drug fruit

It’s working.

If part of Apple’s strategy is to leverage their pop-culture status (thanks to the [iPod](, along with the new, very reasonably priced [Mac mini](, to get folks talking about Macs, (and to continue to talk about iPods) — then I have good news for you… it’s working.

I just got an e-mail from my parents, who are as far from being pundits, analysts, technologists, or any other term in that vein.

My mother’s used a PC for as long as she’s been computing.

My mother still uses a PC at work running Windows 95.

My mother used a Pentium (no bloody 2, 3 or 4) box until it literally stopped working, because she doesn’t like to change her computing environment.

My mother just e-mailed me and asked me what I thought about the new Mac mini.

It’s working.

So, to whomever coined the term “Mom Mac” for the new mini, that was a very apt name indeed.

**Update**: My mother has made the news! []( included her in [an article about the Mac mini’s appeal]( “How big will the Mini be?”), (she’s at the end).

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