Thought of the day: Enterprise

Am I the only one who thinks that “enterprise” when used in conjunction with software can mean any and all of the following:

* expensive
* complicated
* user un-friendly
* maintenance nightmare
* developer un-friendly (third-party and originating developers alike)

Maybe I’ve been using Linux/BSD and OS X for too long, but I want cheap, simple, user-friendly apps, that I and other developers can string together to create powerful domain-specific tools.

So the next time someone asks if a piece of software is “enterprise,” ask yourself: Is that a good thing?

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3 Responses to Thought of the day: Enterprise

  1. Chris says:


    That’s a great link!

    I should write a crap-detector-filter. You punch in the URL of a product’s description and it returns a CrapScore(tm) for that product.

    Well, I’ve been meaning to play with any/all of the following: [CherryPy](, [mod_python]( and [Rails](, maybe that’d be a good starter project, should be simple enough.

    Thanks for the idea Adrian!

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