Climbing out from under it

I’m still trying to climb out from underneath:

1. **Horrible flu** — that had me out of work for a few days after I got back from a quick trip home.
2. **Tons o’ work** — that piled up during the aforementioned bout with family and flu.
3. **Pile o’ reading** — I had several thousand unread blog entries in my aggregator o’ choice. I’ll never get through them all, but I can die trying…
4. **Pile o’ entertainment** — We got a Tivo for Christmas and I’m quickly feeling that “TV on my schedule” zen-like feeling that all my Tivoed friends spoke about.

Prior to owning one, I’d swear that Tivo was actually a cult, the way folks would talk about its life-changing aspects.

The new addition to our family also means having to learn to cope with yet another queue in my life. (E-mail x 2, Netflix, Bloglines, todos x 2 being the others.)

On top of the Tivo, we also got Carinvale and Homicide on DVD, that’s a lot of TV to watch… and I must try not to let the distinction blur between the two and wonder whether Management is reassigning Crosetti’s cases fairly. After all Ben, had a 100 percent closure rate. Drats, I did again!

All of this is to say, I’m alive (barely after that flu), and I do intend to finish my blogging to-do.

No, really, I promise. Look, I even have drafts a-going….

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