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It’s a busy day at work, I’ll post some of the neat-o-keen ™ MT hacks I’ve worked up later.


* Mark has a great take on TypeKey. Also, check out his entry on assets and Web logs.

* ALA has piece on the best way to to do pop-up windows, if you must. I’ve talked about how it’s my browser, not yours before, but we all face a situation where we’re told it has to be a pop-up window.

This method looks to be the best, (but the onload trick might be a bit much if you only have a few links on a page that need popping).

* Jay Allen talks about lockin when you don’t use HTML markup in a CMS or blog software.

I’ve traditionally used MT’s “convert line breaks” option to make paragraphs but otherwise coded most of the HTML by hand. Recently, I’ve been flirting with MT Textile, but I’m now solidly in the Markdown camp. It has a nice syntax, especially for lists, and it plays nice with the HTML that I still write myself (most of it). Need convincing?

* Bring your own rainbow

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