Die C, die!

From this Slashdot entry about Portable .Net:

The death of C has been greatly exaggerated. It will adapt – it always has.

Gee, does it really have too?

All kidding aside, C really should die, or at least be half in the grave.

It really only should be used for performance focused applications that have to run on limited hardware. Otherwise, there are plenty of really good languages that need to supplant it.

And I don’t mean Java, the seed of C.

I’d love to talk with some Java folks some time… it seems like you don’t get much in return for the tradeoff you make when you go with an interpreted language.

With Python, at least you get great productivity increases, cleaner code, less cruft, and a warm happy feeling inside in exchange for some performace loss (and if you really, really need it, you can code performance-related tasks in C with Python).

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