Praises for the Mac

ZD Net has a good article about PC’s proclivity to crash, and a Mac’s proclivity to not crash.

It’s another shot in the ongoing Mac vs. Windows debate.

Here’s one of the better nuggests:

In my computing life, there’s one constant: The Macs don’t crash and the Windows machines do.

Having run and administered both PCs and Macs (OS7-X), I can say that Macs are far more reliable. Thanks to OS X‘s Unix underpinnings it now has enough geek-itude to keep my interest while still boasting one of the best interfaces to date (though not as good as OS 9’s, Gruber and I agree).

If you’re considering buying a new machine, take it from me, the extra money you spend (and it’s not that much) on a Mac will more than pay itself back in spades in terms of fewer crashes, fewer support calls, and better service and support when you do need it.

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