Advertisers not getting the message

I read Trek Today, and TrekBBS — I’m a nerd, let’s move on.

They both have annoying, moving, spining, jumping, singing, spitting, yelling ads that annoy me and give me a bad impression of the company the ad is for (are you listening advertisers?!).

I have Mozilla, it can block images and do many other things. So without shame, I block the annoying ads and am left with the text ads and the partnership ads — both tasteful and relevent.

But now, the advertisers have fired back. This is the first time I’ve seen this, it’s a text ad in an iframe with an annoying background image, which Mozilla can not block.

I like, TrekBBS, and I want to support it — but not by being annoyed.

Now, you’d think the advertising network, UGO, would have gotten the message.

Let’s see: X Page views with Y annoying ad placements, where X < Y means people are disabling your annoying ads.

Not the text ads, not the non-annoying banners, just the moving, spinning, coma-inducing, swirling, etc. ads.

What should we do? Listen to our user’s demands for tasteful, relevent ads, or… wait, I’ve got it, try and find a way around the browser’s blocks.

By jove, that’s it! Our users must really want annoying ads, and those malicious browser makers are bent on ruining us… yes, that’s it.

UGO, et al have I got a deal for you.

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