Site improvements

As you can see,, has taken on a slight new look. I’ve switched to a sans-serif typeface for everything but blockquotes, and I’ve adjusted some of the color scheme here and there.

I also moved the historic photo of the Spirit of St. Louis the absolute bottom of the page. I liked having if fixed at the bottom of the viewport but too many browser just don’t play nice with fixed backrounds (CPU and memory usage spikes…).

But fear not, my dear readers, the original stylesheet still exists. If you’re using a real browser, then you should be able to switch the stylesheet to “Classic” to see the old appearance.

I’ve also added a conctact page, and a colophon, for those interested in contacting me and fonts respectively.

Finally, I’ve turned the Trackback capability of Moveable Type on, and using Simple Comments, they now appear, rightfully, among the user-submitted comments.

P.S. For those of you who miss the plane being in view, I may add an historic image to my flag… stay tuned.

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  1. jema says:

    what els shall i do to it??

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