I don’t want to say I told you so…

But Advertising.com has finished a study that shows that up to 85% of “conversions” occur days after a user has seen an ad. (via Web Marketing News)

While I’ve talked about this before, I’ll readily admit that I don’t have an army of researchers or a pile of cash at hand to test my idea. Thankfully, though, this research has come to light and I hope that other firms will move to replicate the study and validate its claims.

In addition to the good news that publishers should now be able to sell clients on branding campaigns and depreciate the pay-per-click model that robs publishers of the value they provide, it seems Advertising.com has developed a method to track these delayed “conversions.”

I don’t know anything about this “view-through tracking” technique they’ve developed, but I hope other researchers (esp. those in the Academy) have developed/are developing this methodology so we can get more data about this reality of online publishing.

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