This Tux’s for you

Lately I’ve been playing around with Linux on my primary WinTel box at home, in thought that I might soon replace Windows XP on my home server with a flavor of Linux. But that begs the question:

Which one?

I’ve pretty much decided that I’d like to use a Debian-based distro. I had been playing with Red Hat 9 but they’ve decided to focus on the server market, and I didn’t have much luck with Fedora. Besides I like the “free as in speech” attitude of the Debian distros.

I’ve done some research and I’m looking at Debian/sarge, a Knoppix hard drive install or Gentoo.

I’m not a Linux guru, yet, so a fairly easy installation would be ideal — Debian has an installer, Knoppix is fairly easy, and I looked over Gentoo’s install instructions, and I think I could handle a Stage 2 installation.

So other than the install-factor, I’m not sure what other criteria I should judge them on. I don’t know how big a repository Gentoo has for its portage system.

I’d like to end up using the distro on my headless server as well as a dual-boot option on my main WinTel box…

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  1. I’ve been running Linux on my laptop (used at home, at work and on the road) for almost a year, and I’ve gone from Red Hat 8 to Mandrake 9 to Red Hat 9 to Fedora Core 1, which I have presently.

    Fedora is by far the best Linux distribution I’ve used. It’s got a lot going for it: Ease of installation, ease of use, a healthy selection of packages, a helpful and excited community, and a commitment to providing cutting-edge packages. Highly recommended. What sorts of problems did you have with it?

  2. Chris Heisel says:

    Adrian, how was the trip?

    Fedora wasn’t playing nice with some combination of my hardware (probably my Radeon 9800). X wouldn’t start and the setup process wouldn’t finish the “firstboot” process.

    I’m also a big fan of apt-get, and though I know you can get it for Red Hat, I like the fact that you can upgrade an entire Debian system (say from Woody to Sarge) via apt-get, which is a nice feature for my headless server…

    Right now I’m leaning toward Knoppix since I can try it out easily and then essentially turn it into a Debian/Sarge install onto the HD.

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