Two points

Ok, three.

I’m still alive, but busy. I’m hoping to post more regularly soon. I’m working on a big project at work that I hope to announce soon, and I’m also working on a big personal project… stay tuned for details

What Do I Know, a fellow Atlantan, makes a good observation: There’s no Verdana and Georgia with IEMac. Two fonts that us Web design folks have taken for granted may soon disappear from our toolbox. Mac users are moving to Safari, and in Panther you don’t have to install IE. Also, M$ plans to move IE to a pay model, so even future users may not have those fonts installed…

I’m just starting to get to know Pharrot, but these numbers (courtesy PHP Everywhere) make me feel even better about the future of PHP. Some folks seem to think PHP can’t scale (not so). That issue aside, interpreted languages do have a potential for bottlenecking in the fact that they’re parsed each time. Caching helps, but the idea behind Pharrot really excites me.

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