On hirings and movings

Einstein was right, time is relative…

It’s been a little more than three weeks since I was given a job offer to work for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in that time I’ve:

  1. Accepted the job offer
  2. Set up to move to Atlanta
  3. Defended my thesis
  4. Moved to Atlanta to a temporary apartment
  5. Looked for an apartment
  6. Found an apartment
  7. Moved the stuff the movers had into the apartment
  8. Moved some of the stuff our parents had into the apartment
  9. I’ve been working at the AJC since the 18th

So while my life has been moving at near relativistic speeds, to an outside observer, nearly three weeks has passed, but for me, it’s seemed like maybe a few days.

I’m currently on a dial-up account until my broadband is installed, so please pardon the delay between posts until then.

But expect a post in the near future looking at news sites’ performances on dial-up…

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1 Response to On hirings and movings

  1. John Engler says:

    please, go ahead and get the site’s performance on dialup to work better, then tell them to fix our performance in Austin to be better on dialup … we need some smart folks in Atlanta directing the design of our sites… Next time I’m in Atlanta, I’ll try to come say hi to you guys… Congrats on the new job, and welcome to Cox.

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