Well, I’m back from my interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Here’s what I learned:

  • is a really cool site
  • They have a really great staff, with whom I’d love to work
  • Dress shoes should be purchased for comfort, not just looks
  • When you’re really late for a flight, those shoe screenings can really crimp your style
  • I’m still so nervous about flying, that walking halfway to the plane with my shoes in hand still seems an acceptable security measure
  • I really want this job — everyone I talked with seemed to have views and goals that totally meshed with my own
  • Atlanta is a very cool city — but not in the temperature sense
  • I really, really want this job
  • Edit: Moveable Type doesn’t handle list-item tags well when you have the “convert line breaks” option checked.

I’ll, of course, update as soon as I hear anything.

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