The job hunt(ed)

The dearth of postings here has been due to: a.) teaching taking up more of my time than I thought, b.) thesis work taking up more of my time than I thought and, c.) the job hunt taking up more time than I thought.

I promised updates on the job hunt, so here they are.

I’ve been surprised how few (recent) postings there are on the journalism jobs boards. That said, I’ve found a few leads and sent of packets with resumes and print design clips to some papers and I’m waiting to hear back.

I had found a few openings for Web designers online, but I guess I just haven’t known where to look. If you know of some good sites to look for online jobs, (preferably in journalism), then feel free to e-mail me or to post them in a comment below.

I was suprised to get an e-mail message from Julie Albertson, who works at The Atlanta Journal Constitution. She heard from Nathan Ashby-Kuhlman, who had seen on my blog that I was looking for a job.

She contacted me about a possible opening at the Constitution, which is where a friend of mine, Adrian Holovaty, used to work.

Isn’t the blogsphere wonderful?

I’ll be sure to most more regular updates and let you know what happens with the Constitution.

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