Yes, I’m still alive

Though you might not think so, given the dearth of posts.

However, I’ve revamped the design of my print and Web portfolio pages.

It’s still CSS, but now the text does not wrap underneath the thumbnails, the thumbnails have increased in size, and I’ve added more clips to both sections. I also created a neat-o-keen PHP script that creates a page on the fly for all of my print clips. I never liked linking directly to images, but didn’t want to have an XHTML page for each clip.

Did I mention I’m looking for a job?

I’m going to be updating my resume soon and I’ll try to keep a running log of how the job hunt goes, for those that are interested.

And I promise to start commenting on Web design, journalism, etc. soon.

I’m currently working on my thesis and teaching J310, advanced editing and design, at MU, and between those two tasks and the run-up to my job hunt, I’ve been a bit busy.

About Chris

Python developer, Agile practitioner trying desperately not to be a pointy haired boss.
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