The site has gone from a custom PHP blogging system I was writing to Moveable Type.

It’s survived a server change to Dreamhost, and an upgrade of Moveable Type.

Now, I’ve finally gotten my CSS design to work.

I wanted a liquid design that would shrink well, yet would also feature those neato intersecting lines you see.

I tried absolute positioning, relative positioning, and just about every combination of them you could imagine.

I was getting tired of trying to make it work at just about any resolution and was going to give it one more try before I gave up and fixed it at something presentable at 640×480.

But then I looked around on the Web some more and found Blue Robot. His layout reservoir had the perfect code to use as the foundation for my design (two column, right menu in case you couldn’t tell).

I just set up percentage margins on the left, right, and bottom on the BODY tag and I compromised a little and fixed the size of the words “” at the top so that I could absolutely position the sidebar.

So now it works (at least in IE5 Mac, IE5 and 6 PC, and Mozilla Mac and PC).

Now it’s time to get my resume up…

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